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  • PORTALS: The immortals travel back and forth between dimensions through a portal, a sometimes uncomfortable and undesirable experience for some which taxes their god power and requires out-of-cycle ambrosia rations if travel between dimensions isn't metered. The portal deadens all sensory input except for sight and sound. Vision gets distorted to a stretched-out, psychedelic perspective, and sound gets overpowered by a white-noise static which muffles hearing like heavy-duty ear plugs do. Most make travel through the portal as quick a process as possible. They appear as dark, wavy and sometimes starry "holes" in the air. When Zeus transports ambrosia through a portal, it is clear and almost imperceptible.

  • AMBROSIA: The gods nourish themselves on ambrosia which is the globby, gelatinous sap of the Ambrosia Tree maintained by Zeus in a highly-guarded grove on Mount Olympus in the ID. He harvests and rations ambrosia so no one god has more power than him.  Ambrosia is melon or coral tinted, sometimes red-orange depending on when it's harvested. Immortals can eat human food, but the longer since a ration of ambrosia, the more human food tastes bland. Human food doesn't nourish an immortal, only ambrosia sustains them and restores their power. Undigested/unprocessed ambrosia smells tropical-sweet, and when belched, the same scent comes out. Barf/farts/poo smell citrusy, mostly like lime, but with a rotten tang that gods find repulsive.


  • KING-MAKER AMBROSIA: Only King Zeus may eat this special type of ambrosia harvested off of the King-maker Ambrosia Tree located in the Mount Olympus ambrosia grove. The champagne-colored, part-solid gelatin sap with tiny bubbles in it gives significant power to the King--the power to kill another god. Zeus must consume it to keep his throne. It has the same scent and scent by-products as regular ambrosia.

  • NECTAR: The processed, fermented sap of an Ambrosia Tree, nectar is the only substance that intoxicates an immortal. It is highly controlled by King Zeus who distributes it within the ID to three god bars and a retail purchase point. A god can prolong drunkenness by consuming human wine (which can buzz a god on its own). Nectar comes in the forms of:

    • Pure-N, the lightest (peachy-blush color), least potent and thick in consistency​

    • Lager-N, foamy (reddish) and easy to down like human beer

    • Cider-N, crisp and bubbly (cantaloupe color) like human champagne

    • Vino-N, smooth and potent (papaya color) like human wine

    • Hard-N, highest potency like human whiskey (dark apricot color) and either taken as a shot or in a cocktail

  • TIME: The time in the ID doesn't equal time in the human dimension. In the ID, 60-min equals 2,160-min in the human dimension (1-hr equals 36-hrs). Likewise, in the sub-dimension of the Underworld, 60-min lasts 270-min(ID), so 1-hr in the Underworld equals 4.5-hrs(ID) and 162-hrs in the human dimension (6.75 days or almost a week).

  • GOD BLOOD: The blood of the gods is called "ichor" and has the orange-amber color of ambrosia, but not the smell of it. Instead, it smells tart, pungent like a rotting orange. 

  • TECHNOLOGY: The immortals have monitored the intellectual development of humans and use modern technology based on personal preferences. Immortals have been careful to not influence the natural evolution of humans. Just like in human society, some prefer to do things "old-school" and some think they're proficient but really aren't.

  • THE RESISTANCE TO THE ESTABLISHED ORDER (TREO): As with any society, there are shady groups existing on the fringes who want to replace the appointed leader, who want to cause turbulence within the kingdom, and who want to discover the secret behind their existence. They plot, plan, and sometimes carry out activities against King Zeus and the order within the ID. Some see the subversive activities of these groups as opportunities for self-gain. And others see membership in these groups as a way to add spice to their bored existence. Many of these fringe-members belong to groups who are a part of the conglomerate TREO, and perform tasks and services for the highest bidders.

  • RATIONING: Zeus controls the harvest and distribution of ambrosia to immortals with a set system

    • Amount one gets is dependent on how close one is to the Royal line and on the importance of their powers to the ultimate Immortal Dimension task of maintaining balance in the human world

    • Rationing is Zeus' way of making sure no one has more power than him and can overthrow him

    • There is a god who's sole task is Rationing

    • Zeus and Hera can authorize out-of-cycle ambrosia distribution, although Zeus continually has to make Hera promise to not give out too much

    • Zeus can authorize transport of ambrosia into the human dimension, otherwise, doing so is forbidden

    • Those who illegally consume more than their ration, or who participate in a black market to do so, are called Gorgers, and the punishment for doing so is severe

  • The Daughter of the South Wind journaled about her dreams in The Tornado Diaries (click to view)

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