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  • THE IMMORTAL DIMENSION: Think of it as an overlay onto the human world, except certain things exist that humans can't see, like the palace atop Mount Olympus. When in the ID, things appear dull and hazy, so the more glitter, the better. The ID does allow for awareness of all past, present, and future possibilities, but King Zeus only allows The Fates to have that capability. So, only The Fates can manipulate a human or god's destiny and allow time travel.

  • GOD BARS: To give the immortals a place to blow off steam within the ID, and to keep them from causing havoc in the human world, Zeus sanctions three bars. He supplies them with nectar and turns a blind eye to whatever happens in those establishments (although he does plant spies in them to keep tabs on the various subversive groups of TREO), The bar owners/managers have permission to distill the nectar into signature forms and to employ artisans so they can keep a full menu of drinks available to patrons. There are three bars:

    • The Nectary caters to the seediest crowd​

    • The Nectarina resembles a modern, human dance club

    • The Nectarium holds the vibe of a high-class country club

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