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The gods of the North, South, East, and West winds had children, and these are their stories.

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Daughter of the South Wind

ISBN 978-1-68291-734-3

Dawn's serious, studious personality covers the torment she suffers from terrifying dreams about tornados. While performing field work for her degree in meteorology, she encounters something, or better, someone, from those dreams.


Nino needs Dawn’s help. It took three thousand years to get to the convergence of immortal and human worlds necessary to break the curse that took his soulmate Tira away. But Dawn's overly scientific mind blocks the one thing he needs for everything to work out—belief.


Dawn can’t let go of the logic that rules her mind, but she yearns for the deep love that Nino has for Tira. When an opportunity arises to get what she longs for, Dawn must accept the unthinkable and fight for it.

Notebook and Fountain Pen
Daughter of the East Wind

Projected release in Spring 2021

Geology grad student and nymph-goddess, Lia, prefers rocks to human and god interactions.  She always thought Tartarus the Pit as a place of punishment and a popular god parent scare tactic to keep immortal children obedient.


A trek to the depths of The Underworld shows her the hidden beauty of the Pit, its jewels, its creatures, and its mysterious, invisible chief of operations. While there, she questions if a life of solitude on her hidden island is her true destiny.


When Lia returns home, the answer crawls out of the ground and into her heart. But something evil also comes into the human dimension, and if she doesn't stop it, she may never see her true love again.

Fountain Pen
Daughter of the West Wind

Projected release in Spring 2022

As juvenile gods, Amazon-nymph Xaura stood up for Trey, a god with no powers, against the taunts of others. Now, the two have grown into adults and are drifting apart.


Xaura's mother insists she choose her tribe over the relationship she has with Trey. Using her cousin's quest to banish the evil storm god Typholus back into the Pit as a convenient excuse to avoid making a decision, Xaura discovers why Trey has forsaken her.


To find her destiny, Xaura must trust Trey, but can he overcome his faults to save her?

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