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The Underworld has goddesses who feed off of vengeance. One finds herself mixed up in modern-day Fairy Tales.

The Swine Huntress and the Three Brother
The Swine Huntress and the Three Brothers

Published Sep 30, 2020, by DLG Publishing Partners

Daemon-goddess Mormo prowls the mortal world searching for evil, abusive men—pigs. A lone wolf, she hunts solo and lures her marks by playing to their baser desires. Storm god progeny Veata performs tasks for Queen Hera’s favor. A half-mortal, she cannot fully control her powers and relies on friends for help.

One night, one party, one bad decision, and Mormo gets a partner.

Teaming together, Mormo and Veata descend on Cadville, California. They know what the town’s citizens don’t—the dirty, secret lives of the Shoat brothers. A cop, a guidance counselor, and a vape dealer, the three pigs hide their nefarious enterprises in their homes, and for their own gain entrap and exploit women.

The vengeance partners have different methods to take down the brothers. Mormo must concede her autonomy, and Veata will need to unlock a latent power. If the two fail, young women in Cadville will remain hostage to the perversity of the Shoats. And the Queen won’t like that.   

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The Swine Huntress and the Heel Shop

Projected release in Fall 2021

Lisa Cindella struggles to keep her dead mother's custom shoe shop open, but her step-dad and step-brothers want the boutique to become yet another large-retailer storefront in order to better hide their scams. Faced with the loss of her birthright, Lisa accepts the help of Mormo and her crew to secure what is rightfully hers.

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The rest of the stories . . .

Release windows TBD

The Third Guess: Desperate and pregnant, 19-year-old Milla Gold turns to welfare counselor Ron P. Stilskin for help, but he tricks her into giving her baby up for adoption. Team Mormo delivers their own brand of deceit to help Milla.

The Apple Coma: Orphan Neva White lives under the guardianship of the Manikyn Brothers. When she turns 18, her guardians exploit her food allergies, and Neva falls into a deep coma. A few years later, a young resident, Dr. Prinz, tries to get her out of the coma, and Mormo must protect them both.

The Mermaid's Redemption: Dione forsook her life in the sea to walk among humans for 300-years. She embraces her knack of finding bad souls, and teams with Mormo to find a man who makes heiresses think they're donating their inheritances to clean the oceans.

The Firebird Quest: The Jenkins twins kidnap Helen and demand that her boyfriend, Ivan, steal a rival gang's custom street rod. Ivan gets caught, and Mormo is sent to help him. Despite her efforts, Ivan dies, and Mormo decides it's time to get payback from Hera.

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***A note about the books in The Hunters Series***  These paranormal psychological thriller stories are meant for mature audiences (18+) and contain sexual content, adult situations, attempted sexual assault, victim manipulation, and profanity. They are works of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, business establishments, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. For more information about why I chose the content for these stories, read the Author Note at the beginning of The Swine Huntress and the Three Brothers.
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