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The Immortal Dimension is a parallel universe where the gods, goddesses, and creatures of Greek Mythology live alongside modern humans.

The Immortal Dimension (ID) is undetectable and unknown by humans. While the gods may see through the thin veil that separates the two worlds, humans cannot. When an immortal walks in the human dimension, and a nearby human possesses some god DNA, that human may feel a "sixth sense" of some physical discomfort. The only access point humans have to the ID is the entrance to the Underworld which splits its existence in both dimensions. The gods protect the secrecy of their existence, and must conform to the ways of modern humans or risk detection.

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Author KD DuBois writes fantasy, science fiction, horror, and even romance. She modernizes mythology into a parallel universe called The Immortal Dimension. After twenty-nine years wearing a military uniform and traveling the globe, KD settled in south-central Texas where perpetual sunshine allows her to ride her bike when she’s not typing.

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