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The Swine Huntress and the Three Brother



Vengeance daemon Mormo prowls the mortal world searching for evil, abusive men—pigs. A lone wolf, she hunts solo. Half-mortal, storm god descendant Veata performs tasks for Queen Hera’s favor. She relies on friends for help.


One night, one party, one bad decision, and Mormo gets a partner.


Teaming together, the goddesses descend on Cadville, California. They know what the town’s citizens don’t—the dirty, secret lives of the Shoat brothers. A cop, a guidance counselor, and a vape dealer, the three pigs hide their nefarious enterprises in their homes.


Both immortals have different methods to take down the brothers. If Mormo can’t learn to operate within a pack, young women in Cadville will remain hostage to the perversity of the Shoats. And the Queen won’t like that. 

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