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KD DuBois is a persona I created to write stories. For all intents and purposes, I am KD, yet it's not the name my parents call me.

I grew up in a small town in Kansas, and I loved the sunsets, sunflowers, and wide-open prairies. But, I knew I didn't belong there. I left the plains, and my career took me to places around the globe, exposed me to new experiences and challenges (lots of challenges), and gave me friends I think of as brothers and sisters.


I draw inspiration from all I have seen and done. Ideas come to me at the strangest moments. Now I have time to grow them into plots and add words to make stories. Well, except for when my dog, an energetic Sheltie named Mae-mae, demands play, walks, and pets.


of the

South Wind

Released:  August 1, 2018

As if grad school wasn’t hard enough, Dawn Wynham battles her bossy sister’s interference with her private life and resists divulging one secret—her very realistic dreams about tornados and the man who morphs out of them, Nino. After chasing twisters for her meteorology degree, why not indulge in a little sexy fantasy to enhance the adrenaline highs?


Nino’s visits tantalize Dawn, his mythological viewpoints mysterious yet familiar. When make-believe blends into real-life, she must choose between the practicality of her mind and the yearnings of her heart or else lose everything she holds dear.


The most desirable path holds the greatest danger. Dawn knows what feels right in the depths of her soul—and hopes her decision doesn’t cast Nino away from her forever.

* Check out The Immortal Dimension world where Dawn and Nino exist


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