The Immortal Dimension is a parallel world where immortal gods and goddesses exist, monitoring humans and influencing events to ensure a balance of good and evil in the mortal domain. They've watched over mankind for thousands of years, adapting to human advances so they may blend in society and carry out actions necessary for the sustainment of humanity.

Below are key terms and concepts to The Immortal Dimension.

God Dimension: It’s a fifth dimension, parallel to the human dimension, near transparent from the god-side, but undetectable by humans…unless they have some god DNA/blood, in which case, they may feel with a “sixth sense” some physical discomfort indicating a nearby presence of gods. Some exceptions to this detection capability exist, but usually a descendent human can sixth-sense a god’s presence, and so, too, can a god detect their immortal lineage within a human’s DNA. Some humans get a chill, or their hair stands up on their arms if they stay for an extended time in extremely close proximity to gods between dimensions. Gods can see humans across dimensions, but humans cannot see gods. The god dimension looks normal, but the human dimension holds a lot more vibrancy to gods which attracts them to the human dimension. The god dimension is like an overlay to the human dimension. Gods must emplace a shield (magic/spell) around things, like an ambrosia grove or palace, to keep humans from occupying that space in the human dimension. The Underworld does share existence in both dimensions due to the necessity of human spirit travel after death. The entrance has a heavy shield to guard it from human explorers. The fifth dimension (god dimension) does allow for awareness of all past, present, and future possibilities of humans, but Zeus only allows The Fates to have that capability. Only The Fates can manipulate a human, or god, destiny and allow time travel.

Purpose of Gods: Gods believe their purpose linked to human existence, to ensure a proper balance of good and bad/evil so humans do not destroy one another or become so complacent they cannot survive. Aside from a few Oddities created from an unwise coupling (those who aren’t born with a special power), all gods have an assigned power with a purpose linked to mankind, good and/or evil. All except one, Zeus’ Enforcer, the one born with the ability to kill other gods without using King-maker ambrosia. Rumors exist that one exists in each realm (Human, Seas, Underworld), and their power will reveal itself to save their respective kings. This prophesy keeps the gods from bullying those Oddities with no powers because no one knows who or when an Enforcer might emerge. Zeus is content the rumor alone acts as a deterrent to any of the gods trying to overthrow him, because the unknown Enforcers exist somewhere and no one will know until a threat to a King unlocks their power.

The Kings: Zeus is the overall leader of the gods. He keeps this role by the agreement of all gods, to include the primordial gods and elders. He holds the title King of the Gods. A few of the elder gods resisted the appointment of Zeus. Some battled and lost, like the Titans. Before Zeus ingested King-maker ambrosia to assume his throne, the elder storm god Typholus tried to kill him, but Zeus prevailed and sentenced Typholus to eternity in Tartarus. Zeus’ brother, Poseidon, took the title King of the Seas, a delegation by Zeus to keep different parts of the earth and human existence working efficiently. Hades, another brother of Zeus, has the title King of the Underworld, and holds autonomy in that realm which physically exists below the earth’s surface. It has a transitional dimension attribute, not quite in the human dimension, and not quite in the god dimension, but in its own as a sub-set of the god dimension. Because of this, The Underworld keeps the brilliance of the human dimension except for one particular area by design. Humans possessing some god-quality, predominantly mortal but possessing a strain of god DNA, can breach the barrier between The Underworld and the human dimension, but not into the full god dimension, only the Underworld.

Role as Deities: In ancient times, the gods took on the roles of deities to help give moral compass to the burgeoning earth population, but never did feed off human worship as much as legend says. As humans developed other religions, the gods faded into obscurity but still worked for the overall good of mankind. Some gods choose to live in the human dimension, especially if their work keeps them in it for long durations or requires many inter-dimensional crossings which deplete god powers. If they do, they must blend in with humankind.

Time: Time in the god dimension does not equal time in the human dimension. Sixty minutes in the god dimension equals 2,160 minutes in the human dimension (1 hour equals 36-hours). Likewise, in the sub-dimension of the underworld, sixty minutes in the Underworld lasts 270 minutes in the god dimension. So, an hour in the Underworld equals 4.5-hours in the God dimension, which equals 162-hours in the human dimension (6.75-days or almost a week).

Travel Portal: The gods travel back and forth between dimensions through a portal, an uncomfortable and undesirable experience which drains their god power and requires out-of-cycle ambrosia rations if not metered. The portal deadens all sensory input except for sight and sound. Vision gets distorted to a stretched-out, psychedelic perspective, and sound gets overpowered by a white-noise static which muffles hearing like heavy-duty ear plugs do.

Ambrosia: The gods nourish themselves on ambrosia which grows off trees maintained by Zeus in the god dimension. He harvests and rations out ambrosia so no one god has more power than him. He also eats a special ambrosia off the King-maker tree, which gives him heightened powers and the ability to kill another god. Gods can eat human food, but the longer since a ration, the more it tastes bland. Human food doesn’t nourish them; only ambrosia restores power. Undigested/unprocessed ambrosia smells tropical sweet and when belched the same smell comes out. Farts come out as citrus, mostly lime, but with a rotten tang other gods find repulsive.

Nectar: Gods also get nectar, the processed, fermented sap of an ambrosia tree. This is the only substance that makes a god drunk and is also highly controlled by Zeus in various forms such as pure nectar (the lightest, least potent and thick in consistency), lager nectar (foamy and easy to down like human beer), cider nectar (crisp and bubbly like human champagne), vino nectar (smooth and more potent like human wine), and hard nectar (highest potency like human whisky and either taken as a shot or as a cocktail with human mixers).

Weaknesses: Human wine can buzz a god, for reasons unknown, but will never fully intoxicate them. Likewise, some plant toxins in the human dimension can produce physical reactions in a god, thanks to Demeter’s period of insanity after Persephone’s first trip to the Underworld kingdom, but the effects never kill gods. Gods can have human-like emotions, reactions, and bodily processes. Even more so if they choose to exist in a human form. So, they can vomit and poop, get stomach aches, etc., and feel pain. Gods can also get injured by other gods, and if they’ve recently had an ambrosia ration, can heal themselves quickly, depending on the severity of the wound. There are gods who can heal or mask pain for their immortal peers.

God Blood: The blood of the gods is ichor and has the properties of ambrosia and nectar in color, but not the smell since it has been digested and processed into the bloodstream. It’s tart, pungent like citrus (rotting orange) as ichor, and an orange-amber color.

Technology: Gods have monitored the intellectual development of man, and use the technology humans develop, but have been careful not to influence the natural evolution of humankind. They use human developments in science and technology to their advantage to mask their work.

Alien Origins: Some gods wonder if they have extra-terrestrial roots, but only Zeus and a few primordial gods know the truth, agreeing to keep it secret to prevent their members from seeking out the truth away from the Earth, and their duties.

Resistance to the Established Order: As with any society, there are shady groups on the fringes, those who want to replace the appointed leader, those who want to cause turbulence within the kingdom because they feel undervalued or left out, and those who want to discover the secret behind their existence on Earth. They form groups who plot, plan, and sometimes carry out activities against Zeus and the order within the kingdom. Others see the subversive activities as opportunities for self-gain. And, some see membership in these groups as a way to add spice to their bored existence. Many of the Oddities belong to subversive groups, a well-known secret amongst the gods, and the means for lucrative endeavors for some Oddities.

Where Gods Party: To give the gods a place to blow off steam within the god dimension, and keep them from causing havoc in the human world, Zeus sanctions a few bars. He supplies them with nectar and turns a blind eye to whatever happens in the establishments, although he does plant spies within to keep tabs on the various subversive groups. The bar owners/managers have permission to distill the nectar into signature forms and employ artisans to keep a full menu available to patrons. There are three bars: The Nectary, The Nectarina, and The Nectarium. Off the three, The Nectary caters to the seediest crowd. The Nectarina resembles a modern human dance club. The Nectarium holds the vibe of a high-class, human Irish Pub.

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