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The duBoîbibliophiles

A bibliophile is a person who collects or loves books.

In French, they have this little trick about omitting the letter “s” by adding a little hat-symbol (technically called an accent circonflexe). It doesn’t change pronunciation, and it apparently has something to do with diphthongs and monophthongs, the evolution of the language from the middle ages to the mid-eighteenth century printing of dictionaries, and the disappearance of a consonant into silence—I’m no linguist to understand the technicalities. But, I took the liberty of joining my last name with bibliophile, removed the obviously silent “s” and added a hat.

Why? Well, every author needs a street team, and every street team needs a name. A street team not only enjoys what an author writes, but they like what an author produces so much that they agree to leave reviews of the author’s work in various forums. Because of their agreement, they get an early copy of the author’s latest story before it gets released. Some even help the author along at various stages of writing by reading different drafts and providing feedback to the author.

Additionally, for their hard work, they get a few exclusives, such as early cover reveals, and bonus content in the form of either deleted or additional scenes. But again, they commit to helping the author out when it comes to crunch-time, aka, release date.

If you’re interested in joining my street team, The duBoîbibliophiles, fill out the form below.