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Mae-Mae's request

February 19, 2019



Please do me a favor. Do NOT tell my human that tomorrow is Love Your Pet Day.


Not that I wouldn’t like the attention or the extra bellies I might get from her. But I only want what I like: sock toss, window monitoring, sunbathing, pumpkin play, of course, bellies, and the biggie…open front door.


What I don’t want are selfies. I hate it when she gets the bright idea to get a selfie of us. I try really hard to look away, but she thinks it’s cute. I once tried to lick the phone and she shares that photo. Yuck! I don’t mind posing for a picture, but selfies are too snuggly for me.


I also don’t want any bows, bandanas, or, horror or all horrors, headbands.


So you see why I need your help? If she just thinks it’s any other day, I’ll be able to do my normal routine. And still manage a few extra bellies because she can’t resist it when I ask for them.


This has been a puplick service announcement. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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