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January 30, 2019



I’m a puzzle person. If you want to keep me occupied for hours while you rob my house, then give me a jigsaw. Have you seen those community puzzles that libraries put out so that anybody who passes by can add a piece or two to it? Yeah, I call that puzzle crack.


One of best friends gave me a few gifts for my birthday, but the one I enjoyed the most was a jigsaw that had a black and white printed design on it, the same that you would find in an adult coloring book. What a difficult little 8x10 thing to put together with no color cues and pieces that had the exact same shapes. Eventually it all came together, and I spent a couple weeks filling it in with neon, glittery, and metallic colors. And you know I took it apart and regifted it to her for her birthday—best present ever.


I got this obsession from my father. He and I have spent hours putting a puzzle together, but we make it a little competition and keep track of how many pieces we emplace in a session. My sister tried to join us. Once. When she kept trying to put a piece in a spot when it so obviously didn’t belong, Dad grabbed the piece away from her and pointed to a chair across the room. She went away, and Dad and I continued, but he’d established a new rule—don’t join in unless you can bring game.


In Daughter of the South Wind, Dawn has the same obsessive compulsions which would make her an excellent jigsaw-ist. I even think she could give me and Dad a run for our money. Read Daughter of the South Wind and let me know if you agree.

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August 1, 2018

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