• KD DuBois

Up for Pre-sale!

My latest project is up for pre-sale here. Release date is September 30, 2020.

What if the three pigs weren’t innocent, and the wolf knew their secret?

Vengeance daemon Mormo prowls the mortal world searching for evil, abusive men—pigs. A lone wolf, she hunts solo. Half-mortal, storm god descendant Veata performs tasks for Queen Hera’s favor. She relies on friends for help.

One night, one party, one bad decision, and Mormo gets a partner.

Teaming together, the goddesses descend on Cadville, California. They know what the town’s citizens don’t—the dirty, secret lives of the Shoat brothers. A cop, a guidance counselor, and a vape dealer, the three pigs hide their nefarious enterprises in their homes.

Both immortals have different methods to take down the brothers. If Mormo can’t learn to operate within a pack, young women in Cadville will remain hostage to the perversity of the Shoats. And the Queen won’t like that.


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