• KD DuBois

DOSW character resolutions

After the rush of the new year, I finally got word of the 2020 resolutions made by the cast of Daughter of the South Wind.

Dawn – Make the most of every moment with Nino. And finish my project to better detect unwarned tornados.

Nino – Help my Tira achieve her goals, of course.

Chrissy – Spread the wealth and help my other wind-nieces.

Taran – I originally thought to stop pissing off Chrissy, but that’s impossible. So, I’ll concentrate on helping my brothers more.

Eve – Change the house’s interior palette from beige to taupe.

Jim – No overdone, grilled chicken.

Meg – I resolve to eat more candy.

Trent – I resolve to play more.

Sylvia – Explore the weird cloud anomalies that appear day-after-day.

Jared – Figure out why the tornado radar signatures are so similar.

Sam – Correlate repetitive tornadic activity with climatic data.

Vado – Who needs stinkin’ resolutions?


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