• Mae-Mae

Gray Days

My human and I finally see eye-to-eye on something. She doesn’t like day after day of gray skies. I don’t either, especially when the clouds make rain. Every night she says, “maybe we can sit in the sunshine tomorrow,” but when we wake up, there’s no yellow glow from the windows. I love to sit in the sunshine, well, lay in the sunshine. Mostly when my human comes outside with me. She rocks, I lay…it’s perfect.

But the stupid clouds won’t go away. Even barking at squirrel isn’t as much fun without sunshine. My human sometimes says, “we moved here for the sunny winters.” And I was happy to come with her because I did not like snow, and the awful evil called ice. It wasn’t funny when I went outside to do my business and I slid all the way down the hill into the fence. Sunshine is much better, even if it gets hotter than hot in the summer. I still like to lay in the sunshine then, too.

My human keeps saying tomorrow, and all I can do is trust her which isn’t easy because she likes to come at me with things like toothbrush and nail clipper. But if she can make sunshine happen again, I will be happiest of all dogs to share it with her.


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