• KD DuBois

My 2020 Goals

Why is it that you blink and a whole week passes? Now I feel bad when as a teenager I used to roll my eyes when my parents and grandparents always lamented, “Where did the time go?” I’m so feeling them right now.

Like most people, I started off 2020 with a few resolutions: get back into running, finish painting the trim in the bathrooms that I swore I’d get to “later” almost 4-years ago, and cut down on the TV. That last one is hard for me since it’s the middle of college basketball season. Limiting myself to watching only two teams is a killer. Oh yeah, I threw in a caveat that March Madness and the Tour de France don’t count against the limitation. Gotta know yourself and be realistic when setting resolutions.

The year started off with new business goals, too. If I’ve followed the same pattern of the past, then what I came up with is way more than I will accomplish. Even though I went into my goal-setting process knowing I needed to be more realistic about the life-demands that get in the way of work, I have a feeling I still overestimated my output ability. Anyways, one of the other key tenets about goal-setting is to publish them, so you’re more apt to attain them. This is my official list:

Self-publish a novel that’s the sequel to Daughter of the South Wind.

  • Produce an audiobook for Daughter of the South Wind.

  • Produce an audiobook for the Daughter of the South Wind prequel novella.

  • Complete the first draft of the third novel in The Immortal Dimension Series.

  • Plot two novellas to round-out The Immortal Dimension Series.

  • Complete the first draft of the first novella of The Spaceblood Saga Series.

  • Branch out social media to YouTube.

  • Step up marketing.

And there you have it—my overachiever list. Now you know why I’m so worried that a week seemed to slip past me. Here’s hoping that the 3-week cold-flu-whatever I had over the holidays is finally gone and that I can spend more time in front of the screen. Good luck to everyone on the pursuit of their 2020 goals!


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