• KD DuBois

Book Review - The Alice Network

Over the holidays I read The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. It’s been a while since I read one of those stories that had me captivated the way this novel did. A group of unlikely characters who built strong bonds, linking two wars that were a couple decades apart, strong female characters who needed time to come to terms with their own failings…yup, all the makings of a great story.

I love history, and I especially love the idea of weaving a story about people within the truth of facts. Ever play that game while sitting in a bar at the airport when you watch people and come up with a backstory about them? That’s what I like about this novel…it took facts and created an entertaining, thought-provoking story by using creative imagination to fill in the gaps.

And by thought-provoking, I mean it caused me to evaluate how I’m too hard on myself. Because both of the main female characters in the story go through the process of learning to give themselves a break. Something, I think, we all need to do a few times in our lives.

So, if you’re looking for a good read to have handy when the January cold fronts roll in, I highly suggest The Alice Network.


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