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Chrissy's Corner: Back to School

It’s been about a month since young adults have returned to their campuses, so I decided to find out from Daughter of the South Wind fan favorite, Chrissy, what she thinks about collegiate life. Here’s the interview:

So, Chrissy, how are classes?

Classes? Those are just formalities. Now the parties, well, I’ve got one tonight at the Mu Nu Omicron—

—It’s a weeknight.

So? Just means you need to get your party on earlier and with more concentrated effort. Anyhoo, tomorrow night’s a women’s volleyball game ,and I’m always so exhausted afterwards. Cheering is hard work. All that jumping in the bleachers. One off-balance hop and you get a serious injury. Then Thursday is Tacos-n-Tequilla over at the Deltas.

Then it’s the weekend. How’s that any different?

The parties start in the afternoon, silly. And everyone’s having them, so you just walk up and down Greek Row. I just love how these kids embrace Greek, learning the alphabet and everything. Except they have no clue about togas. I mean, they use sheets. Can’t get good folds unless you use silk, but then, they don’t really care about the fashion of a toga. Just showing off parts. We’re more refined than that, you know.

So I’ve heard. What’s it like this year without Dawn?

Ohmigod, way more fun. I don’t have to keep dragging her out. Always had her head in the clouds, or at least, watching the clouds. I knew from experience that went nowhere, but I could only get her away from them and her books and formulas and programming for a few hours at a time. And only if I tacked on a cheeseburger run to the party itinerary. Her and her cheeseburgers. Totally surprised she didn’t gain the freshman fifteen all four years.

But I thought you were best friends?

The Dawn of old disappeared, unfortunately. It’s going to take a bit more time before she comes back. But I’m sure she will. Sweetie, any pressing questions about world peace or ending climate change? Because if we’re not going to get to anything serious, I’ve got to get back to my room and change outfits.

No, just a final question about Dawn’s research.

As if I understood what’s in her head when it comes to tornados. I have a hard enough time weathering thunderstorms. All I can say is, she’ll figure it out. She has to.


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