• KD DuBois

WIP Update

Time for this month’s Work In Progress (WIP) Update. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report. Yes, I’ve started on Quintus: Book 1 of The Spaceblood Saga, but that’s about it. I took a little break after I completed all requirements for my Masters Degree, which, I content is a well-deserved break. Not quite a vacation, but lots of saddle time in the bike, which to me is a vacay. But Labor Day is over, college sports are back on TV…all signals that Fall has started, and time for me to get back to the keyboard. This month, if I’m not writing, then I’m editing…yes, it’s time to dust off the first draft of Golden Clouds of Sunset and get ‘er done. Next month will be a real progress report—I promise!


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