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Today marks the last school district in my city to start its school year. It’s odd to me that throughout a city the schools stagger their start dates. It took three weeks to get every child back in a classroom. Where I come from, everyone started on the same day. Oh, for the simplicity of small towns.

When I asked the kids of a friend if they were excited to start school, they both shook their heads no, even though just a few moments before they’d complained about boredom.

I was horrified…who doesn’t like school?

All the new classes, the new subjects to learn about. The language class I’d been wanting to take since grade school. The drafting class as a break from chemistry and physics. The moments of socialization in the eight minutes between classes. The gossip within the locker banks. The novels for English lit. The math problems. Not to mention the new clothes and fresh binders with multiple pockets.

All of it meant freedom to me…the possibilities of learning something I didn’t yet know about. Every class was my favorite. I didn’t need prodding to get out of bed because life happened at school and I wanted to be there for it.

Yes, I was a nerd. Still am. I love learning and get excited when I sign up for a course, full of expectations of finishing it a little smarter than when I began. Maybe, if I keep prodding the kids with questions about their classes, a little bit of my excitement will rub off on them.

Now that I’ve finished my masters degree, I’m a little sad. I miss school. I’ve heard that some colleges offer programs for senior citizens, allowing them to audit classes for free. I so can’t wait for that!

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