• KD DuBois


To me, the ultimate summertime dessert is pie. All the fruit that comes off vines, plants and trees truly shines when it becomes the filling of a pie. I know what my favorite is, but what about the characters from Daughter of the South Wind? Well, they comment below.

Dawn – Lemon meringue. Nothing’s more refreshing on a hot day.

Chrissy – Peach. Hello…golden-colored.

Nino – Rhubarb. Sweet but tart.

Eve – Apple. Nothing says home like apple pie.

Taran – I’m with Nino’s sentiments, except cherry fits the bill better for me.

Jim – Pecan, because you can arrange the whole pecans in cool patterns.

Trent and Meg – Any of them, as long as they’re a la mode.

Sam – Pumpkin, because the whipped cream on top looks like clouds.

Sylvia – When my Dad was stationed in Key West, I fell in love with Key Lime pies.

Jared – Blueberry. It’s hilarious how your teeth turn blue.

Vado – Who cares about pies. (Looks like someone needs a slice of humble.)


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