• KD DuBois

Book Review: The Plant-Based Diet Meal Plan

This month I’m reviewing a cookbook, no a diet book, no…more like an eating book. It’s The Plant-Based Diet Meal Plan: A 3-Week Kick-Start Guide to Eat & Live Your Best by Heather Nicholds, CHN.

For health reasons, I’m transitioning to eating more plant-based than meat-based. Doesn’t mean I’m giving up all animal proteins, at least not yet. I’ll keep eggs and fish in my repertoire and won’t pass the main course when visiting/out with friends and family. But, when I’m on my own, I’m trying to pay more attention to what I’m putting in my gut.

The problem with this change was, I didn’t know how to make sure I get all the proper daily nutrients. Nor how to make things…interesting. A girl can’t eat salads all the time, you know? That’s when I found this book, on KU.

What I like most about it is it has 3-weeks of meal plans, and each dish listed a corresponding recipe. It allows me to get into a groove of knowing what I need to eat on a daily basis, so that one day, I can mix-and-match my own meal plans. Big disclaimer here: I haven’t tried all the recipes yet. But what I have used were great (love the banana spiced French toast…and I’ve never been a French toast fan). If I had one complaint, it would be that the recipes make too many servings for me. But then, that makes it a book useable by a family, so it’s really a personal hang-up.

I’m sure there are other plant-based cookbooks out there, and I’ll be on the lookout for them. But for now, I’m sticking with this one until I get all the way through the recipes. I’m committed to eating in a manner best for my own health situation.


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