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Chrissy Talks Girlfriends

Here’s a recent interview with Chrissy, the ever-popular nymph goddess of the Golden Clouds of Sunset and one of the main characters in the book, Daughter of the South Wind.

Interviewer: Tell me how you’re going to celebrate today’s National Girlfriends Day.

Chrissy: That’s a thing? Girlfriends don’t need a special day to celebrate. I mean, every day’s a spa day. Speaking of…ah, way better.

Interviewer: It’s 8AM and you’re drinking wine?

Chrissy: AM, PM…it’s all a matter of perspective.

Interviewer: Of course, and as a nymph goddess, human time isn’t the same as yours.

Chrissy: Exactly. So, this girlfriends day really happens?

Interviewer: As the internet says. How many girlfriends do you have?

Chrissy: I’ve got 2,999 sisters, and we all get along…well, except for one who’s a total back-stabbing…you get the idea, so, that brings the number down to 2,998.

Interviewer: Sisters don’t count. They’re default.

Chrissy: Then I’ve got my nieces…

Interviewer: No family.

Chrissy: Who knew there were so many rules? I’ve got my Underworld crew. Persephone’s my bestie, and when we’re in her palace, the party’s on.

Interviewer: How long have the two of you been best friends?

Chrissy: Since way before Hades. Ohmigod, if you only knew some of the guys she went with. I mean, some would say my standards aren’t the highest, but at least they exist.

Interviewer: You mean there’s worse than Hades?

Chrissy: He’s the only one of the ruling gods who’s faithful to his wife. And he adores her, literally. He can sit all day and just gaze at her. If you ask me, he’s the best of the whole lot.

Interviewer: Fidelity does have its merits.

Chrissy: Probably the most important thing. Trust. But back to Perseph. We’d probably just hang out at her palace and drink and dance and sing to celebrate girlfriendship. Like the gang does all the time. There’s a lot to be said about spending time together without the pressure of some kind of adventure that you’re forced to do.

Interviewer: True. I think us ladies are far more comfortable living in the moment and talking.

Chrissy: Exactly. There’s nothing better. Except maybe having a ripped guy giving you a massage while everyone’s chatting. Are we done here? Gotta go see my BFF.

Chrissy will have her own story, a novella titled Golden Clouds of Sunset, published in late Fall 2019. You'll get to know more about her Underworld Crew in it.


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