• KD DuBois

Happy Birthday DOSW

I can’t believe it’s been a year since Daughter of the South Wind got published! So much has happened since I introduced my tornado god and meteorologist to readers.

I’ve written a prequel novella and full-length novel sequel. Both are sitting “on the shelf” so I can forget what I wrote and dive into editing with fresh eyes. You can expect to see the novella, Golden Clouds of Sunset, by the end of the year. The sequel, Daughter of the East Wind might not come out until I get the third novel finished…it all depends on if I can find a publisher or not. But I’m going to keep pressing ahead with my gods and goddesses of the world I’ve created for them.

Which, by the way, is the basis for my newest venture, The Spacebood Saga. Think of my gods and goddesses six-hundred years in the future, adapting to a changing human world and space settlement. Relevance is the key to survival, and those marginalized in the Pantheon find a way to renew their god purpose. But I digress. Today is all about The First One—Daughter of the South Wind. Here’s a little snippet…a dream that held more truth than meteorologist Dawn wanted to believe:

Life-force energy drained from my body in a rush. I crumpled.

Strong arms caught me. An almost complete golden disk of fire hung over the man’s shoulder. His black hair tickled my exposed skin. With great effort, I focused on his eyes. Different tones of gray swirled similar to the tornado which brought him to me.

I calmed. My soul knew he would keep me safe.

“Tira, I love you.” His rich baritone words carried on the thrashing gale.

Unable to fill with air, my lungs convulsed, causing my response of , “I love you, too, Nino,” to garble in an unrecognizable voice.

My sight pinpointed. Hot gusts mixed with a yellow-tinted cloud to surround us in comfort like a parental hug. The sun crested a distant hilltop.

A drop of water splashed on my cheek, a cool contrast to the heat of an invading force in my core. I concentrated again on those mesmerizing, graphite eyes. Tears flowed from them.

“Tira, I promise you…” His voice faded as a power greater than my own tightened its grip and squeezed my essence into submission. Darkness overtook me while he uttered, “I will find a way to break the curse and bring you back.”

The world went black, silent. Balmy breezes converted to cold stillness. The struggle within to keep control of my soul ceased, and my tumult of emotions became nothing, empty in defeat. As if I didn’t exist at all.


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