• KD DuBois

Revision woes

I have to admit, I’m a bit anxious to start revision on the prequel to Daughter of the South Wind, a novella titled Golden Clouds of Sunset. It took me a month to write the first draft, then, in the long-standing author-practice of pre-revision “out-of-sight, out-of-mind,” I set the manuscript aside. This gave me a chance to forget about all but the main plotline, so when I finally did look at it again, I’d do so with fresh eyes and experience the story as a reader.

It’s a good theory…it enables me to see the story critically, all the holes in plot, character, description…and, well, all the holes in everything. Stephen King says to let a manuscript sit for six-months before revision. Unfortunately for me, school got in the way, and my timeline extended beyond that—to eighteen-months.

Now, I’m terrified that when I read it, I’ll think, “This sucks.” And I really don’t want to start from scratch. Each day is a mental tug of war between “just read it, it can’t be all bad” and “if I don’t read it, I won’t know how bad it really is.” So far, the later thought has dug its heels into the sand and won.

In my current timeline, not pulling out the work is a good thing because I need to get The Spaceblood Saga storyline plotted and at least 30,000-words down in first draft. But soon, say, in a month, I’m going to have to change my mindset and crack open Golden Clouds. It won’t get published if I don’t, and my goal this year is to self-publish it.

So, while August will be a month of me typing away about the future and vampire goddesses in space, in the back of my mind I’ll be psyching myself up to get working on the near-present-day origin story of a very saucy nymph goddess of the golden clouds of sunset.


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