• KD DuBois

Christmas in July

I’m recovering from my 2-day Christmas in July online shopping spree. My pinky finger cramped up from holding my phone in that perfect position to enable quick scrolling. Of course, my neck aches, too. But, I scored some deals, so it’s worth it! Here are a few thoughts from the characters of Daughter of the South Wind:

Dawn – Storms are building on radar, but I had to sacrifice my phone’s screen to monitor all the deals. Who needs convection charts?

Chrissy – Humans are so lame. All I gotta do is think about something, and voilà, I’ve got it. Wait—gold glitter liquid eyeshadow just went on a half-price deal…

Nino – Maybe Hera will have a task for me that will take up both deal days.

Taran – Too many options—think I’ll just hang out in the sky.

Eve – Ooooh, the magenta metal bench is so cute, but no, must stick to the house color scheme. Beige. Look for deals in beige.

Jim – Come on Lego sets…you can go on special any time now.

Jared – My model says the next deal will be cheeseburgers.

Sylvia – Wonder if there’ll be a deal on wedding dresses?

Vado – My next target will be a fulfillment center.


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