• Mae-Mae


My human is embarrassing me again. It’s some kind of pet photo day. She’s been taking pictures of me all day. Woke me up from my pre-lunch nap. Even woke me up from my post-lunch nap. Nothing is sacred.

At least we aren’t doing this new thing called swimming. I don’t like water. She knows this because every time I got muddy paws from barking at the neighbor dog, and she tried to clean my paws in bathtub, I stuck out all four legs so that she couldn’t set me down in bathtub without getting herself muddy. Anyways, we went to this place the other day, and she got into a giant bathtub.

I was not happy. She liked the swimming. So, when she moved through the giant bathtub, I ran along the edge to keep an eye on her. When she stopped to bob around, I laid down facing away to protect her from anything that might go into the giant bathtub with her in it. My tail got wet, but sacrifices must be made to protect my human. It’s my job.

We left, and she didn’t make me go into the giant bathtub. I think it’s because I didn’t get my paws muddy. I don’t want to go back. I heard her say something to her human friend about “taking Mae-Mae in with me next time.” So, I will tolerate the photos today. If I’m a good dog, maybe she will play with the photos and forget about the giant bathtub.


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