• KD DuBois

Unveiled: My New Project

Yup, I’m going there. What I’m plotting out for Wattpad is a vampire story. A vampire in space story. Actually, a goddess who’s a vampire living in a human space settlement story.

It’s complicated.

But in this new story, I’ve taken The Immortal Dimension mythology I’ve created for my urban fantasy romance series and fast-forwarded it 600-years. Did you know that in Greek Mythology vampiric creatures existed? Neither did I until I started researching three years ago to write Daughter of the South Wind. Since I was hunting for storm gods at the time, I made a mental note about the female vampires who cavorted with the Underworld gods and goddesses an who also accompanied Ares on battlefields.

Now, I’m going to use them. For a science fiction story. And like I’ve already done with the creatures in The Immortal Dimension, I’m going to blend their Greek Mythology vampiric traits with those of more modern lore and make my own version of a vampire. And yes, you can expect some badass, honorable but flawed women in my upcoming story. Because that’s how I roll.

Time to get back to plotting out this world, which will become the multi-book Spaceblood Saga. Here’s a little bit that came to me while I was digging around in research. Not sure if a version of it will make it into anything, but it might give you a good idea about the main character, Karissa. You can expect weekly installments of Quintus: Spaceblood Saga Book One starting in the fall.


Good gods, it was hotter than Hades’ breath. Thankfully the only similarity my new home planet had to Earth’s King of the Underworld who belched Sulphur fumes and farted rotting flesh. How Persephone lived with that, I’d never understand. Well, maybe. If he’d loved me with only one smidge of the devotion he showed to her, then combined with his endowment, I’d probably overlook the stench.

The soft cloth of the shirt under my stiff, leather cuirass became like sandpaper when my girls jiggled in time to my march across the rough terrain. Of all the things I’d planned on for this journey, wanting a man hadn’t been one of them. Just the thought of one, multi-day tryst with Hades got my juices going, and damn, it felt good. Oh yeah, I’d tapped that long before his Queen was born. A girl has needs, and he definitely delivered in that department. But a giant cock could only mask his shortcomings for so long. On top of his stank, he didn’t tremble with fear—ever. Took all the fun out it.

A blistering gust splattered dust in my face. As much as the stings accentuated my already buzzing skin, they also brought me back to the reality of the desolate planet I now walked twelve hundred light years away from my former, one-day lover. My breasts shouldn’t have moved while I walked, not while confined in my leathers. I needed to feed.


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