• KD DuBois

A New Kind of Vacation

I just took a two-week vacation, but I have no fun photos or exciting stories to share. This one was more for my sanity rather than for relaxation. I took a social media vacation.

You see, something had to give. I was up against a deadline for my thesis novel. I’d already given up bike riding to gain some hours back, TV, and a girl does need to sleep. So, the only thing left was social media.

I thought that’d give me about an hour each day, but to my amazement, I gained much more. The constant looks, scrolls, blogging, hunting for pictures…it all adds up. The average person spends between 2-3 hours each day on social media. I found out that statistic is true.

Another thing I gained was peace. No pressure to get the idea pic for Insta. No struggles to get the interesting but pithy tweet. No hunt for the right combination of words and photo on Facebook. And no fretting over finding a relatable blog topic. I had two weeks of creative freedom.

For what it’s worth, I met my deadline, and of course, there’s a new one. I won’t take another social media vacation, or smacation (smay-cay-shun) as I will call it, but I’ve got the option in my repertoire now. I highly suggest folks consider it for theirs, too.


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