• KD DuBois

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. I took a little vacation myself, actually a stay-cation with a dose of no social media. Doing that is almost as refreshing as going somewhere or visiting family.

Over the weekend, I found myself reminiscing about Memorial Day, or as I grew up hearing it, Decoration Day. The peony bushes would bloom, and folks would gather dozens of the large, fragrant flowers to put them by the tombstones of their loved ones. Driving past the cemetery meant an abundance of red and pink bouquets and tiny American flags. My family would visit the graves of our ancestors, leaving behind our own bunches of flowers. For us the weekend was more about that than cookouts or swimming at the lake.

So even though I didn’t partake in the family tradition this year, I did what it was designed to do…remembered those who died in our nation’s wars and thought about the members of my family who came before me. And since I wasn’t able to leave behind any peonies, here’s a picture to show I did so in my mind.


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