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The Immortal Dimension Series Update, Part 2

On Tuesday I promised some exciting news about future stories in The Immortal Dimension world. Well, I’ve decided to try my hand at serialized stories on the Wattpad and Radish apps. This means, starting this fall, each week for about 4-months I’ll post a 10-minute-read episode to a novella. This will be challenging for me, but I’m game to try this type of storytelling.

I’ll post to Wattpad first, for free, and try to build up a following. Once I meet their “threshold” then Wattpad will start to charge a nominal fee for each episode, or people with a flat-rate subscription will be able to add my serial as a part of their library. After I get established in Wattpad, I’ll submit a story idea to Radish and keep my fingers crossed they accept me into their fee-based library.

Why am I considering this? Well, the publishing business is changing, and the traditional agent/editor/house avenue doesn’t lend as many benefits to authors anymore. Authors now assume a lot of marketing responsibilities and are expected to have a pretty clean manuscript when submitted for consideration. When faced with the time, effort, and money involved with finding an editor and self-marketing, keeping the agent/editor/house “cut” for myself as compensation for that work seems right. So, self-publishing has become more of the standard, but the market is now flooded with works, some good, and some not so much.

Serial stories have started to regain popularity because of our busy lives. People like to read a quick episode on one leg of a commute, over a quick coffee break, or while waiting for an Uber. Then they anticipate the next episode. I call these serials the soap operas of literature—they’ve been around for centuries but have regained popularity with younger folks.

My first serial novella on Wattpad will be The Dead God’s Daughter. The son of a storm god meets the immortal descendant of a long dead uncle. Except he doesn’t really meet her, instead, she stops him in his tornado tracks. Why did The Fates decide to unlock her immortal powers after thousands of years of mortal mixing? It’s a question that brings them together and might tear them apart.

OR...my first serial novella on Wattpad will be A Golden Underworld. The evil storm god Typholus catches Nymph-goddess Chrissy by surprise in a desolate location. Her bestie, Underworld Queen Persephone, pulls her away from the setting so the other gods and goddesses charged with destroying Typholus can do so without distraction. Persephone asks for Chrissy’s cooperation to stay in the safety of her realm. Chrissy agrees, but finds the fun and games of an extended visit more than she bargained for.

Which one is first will depend on how I’m moving along with with the third novel, Daughter of the West Wind. I don’t want to give away a plotline too soon. <wink>


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