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The Immortal Dimension Series Update, Part 1

People have asked when my next book will be out, and the answer is complicated.

Daughter of the South Wind was the first of a series within a world I’ve created called The Immortal Dimension, where the people, places, and things of Greek mythology exist in a parallel universe to modern day Earth. Gods and goddesses still exert influence on mankind, but in a good way. The series includes two other novel-length books as well as some novellas, too.

But I have this thing called school that gets in the way of writing. Well, not exactly, because the degree I’m pursuing is a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, so I’m writing daily. Let’s just say the required writing gets in the way of The Immortal Dimension writing.

However, over the past year, I have managed to complete the first draft of the next novel, Daughter of the East Wind (DOEW). Geology grad student and Nymph-goddess, Lia, prefers rocks to human and god interactions. She always thought Tartarus the Pit as a place of punishment and a popular god-parent scare tactic to keep immortal children obedient. A trek to the depths of The Underworld shows her the hidden beauty of the Pit, its jewels, its creatures, and its mysterious, invisible chief of operations. While there she questions if a life of solitude on her desolate home island is her true destiny.

As I’ve learned in school, the “real” writing on it awaits in the form of revision. Since I’m knee-deep in the production of my thesis novel (of course, something totally different and out of genre), I won’t be able to start revision of DOEW until early fall. I may seek traditional publication for this one, too, so it may be quite a while before it hits the stands. We’ll see.

But don’t fret, because I wrote a prequel novella to Daughter of the South Wind. By popular demand, I gave everyone’s favorite nymph, Chrissy, her own story, and it’s called Golden Clouds of Sunset (GCOS). Khryseis, the Nymph-goddess of the Golden Clouds of Sunset and known as Chrissy to friends, desires a more official classification of her long-term relationship with storm god Taran. However, a sister’s betrayal causes Chrissy to question if any relationship has value. Her journey of self-discovery takes her down a path of renewed confidence and leads her to embark on a mission in the name of love.

Again, the first draft is complete, and all I need to do is revision. Listen to me… “all I need to do”—ha! Anyways, I intend on self-publishing this novella once I get an editor to look at it and someone to design a cover. I’ll also get an audiobook of it produced. The target release through Amazon is by the end of 2019.

And speaking of audiobooks, I’m looking at getting Daughter of the South Wind recorded over the winter, so look for that on Audible in Spring of 2020.

But this isn’t all I’ve got planned for The Immortal Dimension—check Thursday’s blog for some exciting news!


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