• Mae-Mae

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

My human says today is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. While I wasn’t a shelter dog, my human did adopt me. I was a rescue dog, which is almost like a shelter except I got to stay with a foster family and other doggos that looked like me. And barked like me. And twirled like me.

My human didn’t know about me. Her parents found out about me, then called her when she was moving from a far away place called Germany. Her parents picked me up, and I got to ride around with their Sheltie in a big, long car that had a sofa and bed and kitchen and bathroom in it. We did that for a couple months. Then they brought me to my human and left.

I didn’t want anything to do with my human at first. I’d just gotten used to the house car and sister-dog and the yummy treats the elders gave me. Then my human had this thing called work, and she had to leave me alone for hours at a time. I didn’t like that, so I ignored her. She’d call my name, but I would pay attention to other things instead of her.

The air outside on our walks went from hot to cool to cold back to warm before I decided I was stuck with this human. She was okay, and one day I decided to look at her when she said my name. She got really excited. The more I responded to her, the happier she got. But I really wished she’d open the giant window door and let me chase the squirrels that came up to it and waved their tails at me. She invited friends over and I got pets, but the best of all, I got to search for all the dropped food on the floor and eat it. And my human didn’t even mind if I barfed it up in the middle of the night.

My human’s stayed with me for eight years now. We’ve got a good gig, and she’s at home all the time now, which I like so much better. It’s bestest to take naps with her near me. She can keep watch for the squirrels just like I look out for the big, brown truck when she naps. We’re a good team.

So, think about adopting a shelter/rescue pet. We make the best partners.


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