• KD DuBois


I'm going to try something different once I get my thesis novel turned in (meaning, in 4-months). In the Fall, while I edit my completed novella Golden Clouds of Sunset for self-publishing, I'm going to write another novella. Except I'm going to serialize it, meaning I'll publish a 2,000-word chapter each week.

Think how radio soap operas changed for the emerging television audiences. The publishing industry is changing, like it has through the centuries. The chapbooks of the early 1800s now have a modern outlet, apps like Wattpad and Radish. Yup, everything old gets reinvented into something new, something that fits better with modern lifestyles. These apps cater to folks who like to get involved with a certain set of characters in a unique world, but who can't dedicate more than 10-minutes at a time to read.

I want to be on the front end of change, and I worry that I may, even now, be too late. But, I'm willing to give it a go.

More to follow later on what my first serialized novella will be about. Just know you'll see some familiar characters in it.


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