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Chrissy Interviews Gaia for Earth Day

Hey everyone, Chrissy here, your favorite Nymph-goddess and the bringer of the Golden Clouds of Sunset you all love to marvel over at the end of a long day. Yesterday was Earth Day, and I was able to snag some time with Gaia, the primordial goddess of the Earth. Which means, she’s not only the goddess of the Earth, but she IS the Earth, or as some would say Mother Earth.

Anyways, enough of a pantheon lesson of my world, The Immortal Dimension. Time to get to the good stuff, like my interview.

Chrissy: Thanks be to you, Grandmother Gaia, the source of all life, on this day of human celebration of Earth.

Gaia: Thanks be to you, Granddaughter, for your devotion to me and your god purpose.

Chrissy: Does it please you to see humans take time to appreciate the gift you have given to them?

Gaia: I need no pleasure other than seeing the children of the planet learn from the mistake of their ancestors.

Chrissy: I agree, people, and gods, should learn from past mistakes.

Gaia: It warms my soul to see humans band together to perform simple acts, like community clean ups or tree plantings.

Chrissy: Personally, I like how businesses are now starting to collect plastic bags for recycling. Almost every grocery store has a place to drop them off. A plastic bag gets used, on average, for like, 12-minutes, but it can take anywhere from 10 to 1,000-years for that “throw-away” bag to decompose. And they’re so ugly, too.

Gaia: My brother, Pontos of the oceans, frets over the amount of plastic in his waters. Even the fishes, and birds who feed off fishes, have plastics in their systems. Humans now consume plastic, too, but do not realize they have contributed to the poison they ingest.

Chrissy: And the humans don’t realize how all the pesticides and fertilizers used to mass produce food is killing the pollinators needed to make that same food mature. The poor bees and butterflies.

Gaia: Humans could plant flowers and bushes to make pollinators thrive once more.

Chrissy: Such as?

Gaia: Crocus, borage, verbena, daisies, coneflowers, lavender, and echinacea. All very simple and easy to care for. They thrive on such small amounts of natural fertilizers and do not need pesticides. Then you have the herbs: rosemary, thyme, mint, dill, oregano, and sage. But humans must set aside some of the herbs and not consume them, letting them flower so the pollinators can work their magic.

Chrissy: Would make a yard smell yummy, too.

Gaia: And might make humans wish to spend more time outside to enjoy the pleasant scent as well as beauty. Doing so would mean the humans could use less energy cooling their homes in the summer. The more they sit outside, the more they can tolerate a warmer inside.

Chrissy: And less energy consumption means less fossil fuels burned to produce electricity, which means less CO2 emissions and thus, slowing climate change.

Gaia: Yes, some changes even I cannot prevent. Humans must act in their own long-term interests.

Chrissy: Humans fail to realize even gods have limitations, that ultimately, their destinies lie in their own hands.

Gaia: But we must stay positive, and days like Earth Day give me hope. I see humans trying to change for the betterment of their environment, and thus, for the longevity of their existence. Trying is better than ignoring, and to see it from the humans, my spirit gets renewed. As long as they try, I will not forsake them.

Chrissy: Nor I, Grandmother. Thank you for reminding me that simple changes can lead to big rewards.

There you have it. And just so we’re clear, you don’t need to wait for Earth Day to recycle, clean-up, change bad habits, or better the world for all living creatures. And if you want to relax in the cleaner, healthier environment you’ve helped create, I suggest reading about my friends and relatives, and of course, me, in Daughter of the South Wind.


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