• Mae-Mae

Please Indulge My Human

I know it’s late, but I had to wait until my human started watching basketball. I hate the sounds from that game, all the whistles, horns, and squeaky shoes, but it distracts her so I can get this puplick service announcement to you.

Tomorrow is National Puppy Day.

I don’t begrudge the youngsters their own day. But should any of them want to have a bark-off, twirly-game, or squirrel chase competition, experience holds way more importance than youth. After all, only long hours of study helps a doggo know when a squirrel’s tail twitches left, it’s going to run right.

Yup, 10-years teaches an ol’ gal a lot.

Anyway, I’m sure when my human finds out about tomorrow, she’s going to post a picture of me. Please play along. You all know how she likes to put my picture out there.


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