• KD DuBois

Plant Some Flowers!

Hey! Chrissy here, and today is Plant a Flower Day. I’m sure you all know how close I am to some of my flower-nymph sisters. I mean, you read Daughter of the South Wind, right? So, you know we’re tight. But to celebrate today, I think I’ll work some magic and make some crocus, daffodils, and tulips pop up out of the ground. You know, to help drive away Old Man Winter and spread some cheer. You humans sure could use some.

Somebody asked what I thought my friends would plant, that is, if they actually took this day seriously. Here’s my take.

Dawn, she’s a sunflower girl, through and through. I mean, hello, she’s from Kansas. Not to mention her whole summery south wind vibe. What represents summer better than a sunflower?

Nino isn’t much of a flower guy. Although, I’d bet he’s got a thing for roses. You know, that whole pining-for-your-soul-mate thing he’s been doing for three-thousand-years.

Eve’s a daisy girl. Works best with the shabby-chic theme of her house.

Taran prefers hydrangeas because they turn blue like his clouds. Personally, I think the fact that they change colors represents his true nature.

And Vado? He makes flowers wilt.


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