• KD DuBois

Mardi Gras!

Today is Fat Tuesday, the final surge to gorge yourself on whatever vice you’ve decided to give up during Lent. And, for others, it’s a good excuse to party. Here’s how the characters of Daughter of the South Wind will celebrate:

Dawn will feast on Boomer Bushels, cheeseburgers with just the right ratio of char to mustard. She’s determined to eat only one a week during Lent. Unless something really stressful happens, or there’s a study session, or…

Nino will hang out in a dark corner of god bar The Nectary and slam frozen nectar froo-froo drinks until someone spots him at which time he’ll sweep all the decorative umbrellas onto the floor and order a nectar ale.

Chrissy will slug bottles of Malbec and Cahors, trying to decide if the same grape grown on different continents really does produce distinctive enough flavors to warrant a name difference.

Taran will seek the fizzy waters of the Fountain of Youth to remind him about the purpose of the upcoming days of repentance.

Eve will finish her secret stash of Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines chocolates.

Jim will stay up all night putting together a three-foot high Lego Apollo Saturn V rocket.

Jared and Sylvia will eat all the fries Dawn relegates to her “last-to-eat” pile, plus their own Boomer Bushels.

Sam will binge watch Storm Chasers and get pumped for the upcoming chase season.

Vado will nap because he thinks giving up something you want is stupid.


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