• KD DuBois

Valentine's Day Scene #2: A Tornado God's Despair

Here is a short scene with one of the main characters of Daughter of the South Wind:

“Why did humans set aside a whole day to celebrate love?” Nino thought as he spun through the small town, careful to hit empty pole barns and topple billboards and avoid structures occupied by the beings he questioned.

The sun drooped low on the horizon, hidden from the town by storm clouds, sinking the way his mood had fallen after his morning talk with Chrissy. After he’d watched humans throughout the day.

He hated how the people of the twenty-first century spent more on the trifles of a fleeting emotion than the longevity of the planet they depended on for survival. Did they not know love could be taken in an instant? By an accident, a hidden condition, a vindictive goddess’s curse?

Or a pissed-off tornado god like himself?

The supercell that masked him shifted in trajectory. He receded into the clouds, unsure if his little foray of destruction had quelled his anger or if he needed another outlet that the fast-moving line of storms would provide in the next county. He could always count on a massive winter storm system reaching into the southern parts of North America on this day of February. At least now and for a couple more years until the climatic patterns shifted in the northern hemisphere.

Nino required a good venting storm because he hated a lot of things:

The advancement of human knowledge which forced him to use real storms as shields so no one would detect a god’s handy-work.

The overpopulation of the planet which meant he couldn’t run out his rage over a couple hundred miles without hurting someone.

The celebration of love when so many treated the emotion as something expendable.

The Queen’s narcissism which resulted in a curse that took his soulmate from him.

His subservience to the Queen in order to find a loophole in the damned curse.

The three-thousand years of exercising a patience he didn’t inherently possess only to find his one-true-love’s soul in a human who lacked the courage and self-confidence needed to break the Queen’s spell.

Yes, this human holiday about loved sucked. It did nothing but remind him of what he didn’t have. And of what he might lose if he couldn’t connect with his lover’s consciousness buried deep in that human’s soul.

Before the storm moved over a populous area, Nino sent the Queen a short mental burst to check for orders. He needed to unleash the darkness that surged through his veins. Maybe she would have a target for him, giving him one moment of purpose on this day of love.


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