• KD DuBois

Valentine's Day Scene #1: A Nymph's Hope

Here's a shot scene between two characters from Daughter of the South Wind, Chrissy and Nino:

“Hey, Nino,”—Chrissy appeared before him off a ray of golden light—“your girl’s on a man-hating warpath. And so early in the day, too. Strange how Valentine’s Day does that to some folks.”

“You know I do not appreciate the holiday, either.” Nino’s pinwheeling, gray eyes slowed to a pulse, his voice lower than normal, a betrayal of his sadness.

“I can understand why you don’t like it. A cursed love and three thousand years away from your gal would give anyone a bad taste, even a god.” Chrissy shook her head, blond curls swinging across the back of her shoulders. “But Dawn? She’s way too young to have such bitterness.”

“Do you think it is a sign the dreams have worked? That I have convinced her subconscious to acknowledge her true self?” The gray swirling sped up to resemble his natural, tornado form.

“Wouldn’t go that far, Nino. She’s got more of a resentment vibe than an awareness that a curse has taken everything away from her.” Chrissy flipped tresses off her neck. A bracelet of large heart-shaped crystals fell down her forearm. She just loved how the red glints flashed from the jewelry and rotated her arm to get more sparklies.

Nino noted a matching pendant around her neck and a pink, oversized sweater over maroon leggings, so unlike her normal, warm color scheme. The nymph of the golden clouds of sunset had bought into the human holiday with no reservations.

“How can you not hate it?” He waved a hand at her ensemble.

“Hey, I don’t hate love. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the cosmos.”

“But is not falling out of love the worst?” Nino mumbled.

Chrissy pinned him with a stare. “I would bet it’s the same feeling as holding your soulmate in your arms while a curse takes her immortality away from her.”

“Touché. But I can not embrace its celebration like you.”

“You know, Nino,” Chrissy’s normal brashness softened to a gentle tone, “we both have hope. I wear this to show I think I will find love again. You didn’t stop searching for your lover’s spirit in a mortal body.”

“Now nothing works to make her understand who she really is. We have little time left.”

“Then let’s step up our game.”

Nino took her hand and squeezed. “It means I call Taran to help. He is the only one of my brothers free right now. Can you work with him?”

Chrissy patted his cheek. “Like I said, I’ve got hope.”


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