• KD DuBois

Have a Cuppa

I’m not a coffee drinker. Yes, I know, the Earth just gasped at my audacity for despising such a beloved drink. However, I do enjoy tea, and for the past year participated in a subscription service that send me four different teas each month.

Each package has one black, one green, one blend, and one herbal. I’ve discovered I’m not a big herbal tea fan and prefer the blacks over the greens. However, I have come up with a list of favorites in all varieties.

Honeyed Black - I don’t put anything in my tea and prefer honey raw. But this tea has a sweet note that is addictive. When I need a mental pick-me-up, this one does the trick.

Yunan First Grade - It’s a pure black with a smooth quality that makes you say, “Ooh, that’s good,” after the first sip.

Japanese Kukicha – This is a green tea which looks like chopped grass and has an earthy, almost grain flavor that finishes with a traditional green taste. It reminds me of the warm barley water we used to get in the early 1990s when eating at a restaurant in Korea (which meant the water had been boiled and wouldn’t make you sick). Maybe it’s that reminiscent quality that makes me like it so much.

Atoqua Blend – This herbal has a berry-strong flavor that makes a refreshing iced tea to sip during the hot Texas summer.

I’m excited to see what this next year’s subscription will bring to me!


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