• Mae-Mae

Mae-Mae Has a Secret

Shhhhh! Yesterday was National Dress Up Your Pet Day and thank the dog gods my human missed it.

Oh, she’s tried to put things on me before. I must applaud her effort when we lived in the snowy Northeast for trying to help keep little balls of snow from forming between my paw pads. She got me booties. When she put them on my feet—yes, she put them on all four of my feets at the same time—I did not move an inch. She pushed and pulled on me, but I locked my joints and became a statue. She tried to lift my feet in a walking motion, but I sat down instead. I think she donated the booties to an animal shelter.

Sometimes she puts a triangle cloth around my neck. This I don’t mind, all my fur keeps it from getting tied tight, and I can always work my head out of it.

But, horror or all horrors, she put an antler headband on my head once. I pawed it off before she could take a picture then ran out the dog door and sat outside looking in at her through the sliding door for a half hour. Never saw those things again.

My human has learned, I think, but I don’t want her to get any ideas. So, please, do not tell her such a day exists. Now that my pup-lick service announcement is over, I must go back to watching for squirrels. Why don’t humans dress them up instead? Serves them right.


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