• KD DuBois

DOSW Characters Make Resolutions

In case you’re wondering, here are the resolutions for some of the characters in Daughter of the South Wind.

Nino resolves to speak one sentence with a contraction in it.

Dawn promises to reduce her cussing, even though it’s so damn hard.

Chrissy swears to wear one outfit with absolutely no gold tones in it, although fingernail polish and accessories don’t count.

Taran pledges to keep trying to patch things up with Chrissy, but boy can that woman hold a grudge even though she says she’s over it.

Eve resolves to stay out of Dawn’s business unless she’s obviously about to make a huge mistake.

Jim swears to never leave Eve and Dawn alone in a room again.

Sylvia promises to bring cheeseburgers to every study session.

Jared pledges to like, stop using the word like.

Sam swears to limit himself to two thermoses of coffee a day when chasing tornados.

Vado resolves to enrich his soul with artistic pursuits.


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