• KD DuBois


Well, I did it again—I made New Year Resolutions. I have to admit, sometimes I can keep up with them, like the one year I resolved to send birthday cards. The hardest part on that one was fessing up to people that I’d lost, or failed to remember, their birth dates—some people who I’d known for years, too. And maybe a cousin. Or two. But, usually, I make a couple resolutions that end up completely abandoned within a month.

For instance, I make the annual pledge to use a method of cleaning certain parts of the house on scheduled days so I don’t have to waste hours doing the whole house at once. You know, Monday dust, Tuesday vacuum, Wednesday bathrooms, etc., and I even put them into my calendar. With active reminders. Yeah, after a week it’s swipe up to get the stupid pop-up off my phone screen with a mental note to get to that particular task later. Which means never. And yet, that same resolution is on my list. Maybe I should say I resolve to not ignore calendar reminders.

But, in all seriousness, I do have some that I need to accomplish. For example, I need to brush Mae-mae’s teeth more often. It costs a fortune to get a dog’s teeth cleaned, and now I’m a struggling, no aspiring, author, I need to save where I can. So, Mae-mae will hate me for it, but my nose will appreciate a break from her dragon breath.

This year I need to use the room I created for yoga. It’s calm, dark, and can get nice and warm in the summertime thanks to the blazing, south Texas sun. The essential oil diffuser fills the room with pleasing scents of lavender, too. And, although I have some things stored in The Yoga Room, there’s still enough space for sun salutations, downward dog, warrior 1 and 2, and most importantly, corpse pose. Oh yeah, I can do that one well.

Finally, while I won’t give up bike riding, and may even ramp up mileage, I need to use my time more efficiently. Translation: turn the TV off. Except for Jayhawk basketball, of course. And maybe Hoosier basketball, too. But everything else? No need. Instead, if I’m recovering from a ride, I should do so with my laptop on, well, my lap, instead of it sitting on the desk in the office while I take a nap with the TV blaring. I should spend at least 40-hours a week tapping on the keyboard if I’m going to take writing seriously. So, I resolve to do so. Will life get in the way? Probably, and I’m okay with that because one of the reasons why I retired from the military when I did was to be able to respond when family and friends needed me. But the TV is neither one of those, and it should remain off more than on.

So, now you know what I’m focusing on for 2019, both in writing and life. Good luck with your goals/resolutions.


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