• KD DuBois

2019 Goals (not resolutions)

Happy 2019—Mae-mae and I wish everyone a year full of fortune and fun! We tried to get a photo, but there were too many firecracker booms in the neighborhood and she was too nervous to sit still yesterday and now too tired to open her eyes today.

I thought today I'd share with you my writing goals for 2019. Of course, I’ll finish up my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree, and to do so, I must complete a thesis project. What would that be, you ask? A full-length novel. Yes, starting in April and ending in July, I will hunker down and produce 70,000 words, all polished and ready for querying. The story is a new idea and not genre fiction like my current works in progress. I’m saving teasers until I’ve put words to paper, but let’s just say I cried when I wrote down the one-page basic arc.

Oops, I got ahead of myself, so let’s get to a more immediate goal. In January my focus will turn to polishing Chrissy’s story in the novella Golden Clouds of Sunset which is a prequel to Daughter of the South Wind. I’ll get some editing assistance and find someone to do cover art because I’m self-publishing this one. The process will expand my viewpoint of the writing business. My calendar has a sticky at the end of March to mark the goal for that project, but if I can launch it sooner, I will.

Once I complete that, I will turn to polishing the novel I just finished drafting, Daughter of the East Wind which is a sequel to my current novel available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If I can get at least one round of edits finished before April, I’ll be happy. Unfortunately, springtime is bike time, and I won’t want to stay cooped up in the house much. But hey, all you can do is try, right?

Finally, I’ll continue with my paranormal thriller novel which has two chapters complete. I’ve had Dryden by Midnight plotted out for well over a year and even spent two weekends last summer in Big Bend National Park to get ideas about setting. This year, I must get the story out of my head, and hopefully in next year’s first blog post, I will be able to report a success.

So, three novels and one novella—not to bad, if I can stay focused and write!


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