• KD DuBois

The Dolmen

A dolmen plays an important role in Daughter of the South Wind, and you may wonder why. Well, back in my twenties, I visited the Languedoc region of France and encountered one—and it left a lasting impression.

You’ll see in the picture the rock formation I described in the book. What you may not realize is, the energy Dawn felt when she touched it happened to me, too, but I didn’t get immortal powers from the stones, just a little rush. I stood by those stones for up to ten minutes, my palm resting on various spots, both fascinated and at peace. If it hadn’t been for the restlessness of my guide to get to the goat cheese maker and a winery before mid-afternoon, I’d have stayed there until sunset. Now, I wish I had, but that’s a goal for my next visit.

I felt an acute connection to history there overlooking a river valley where prehistoric humans had littered the countryside with similar burial plots. No one knows who got the honor of those spots, nor why…it’s up to our imagination to figure it out. So, I came up with one version and put it in the story.

The dolmen also inspired a trip over a decade later to see ancient stone circles and burial spots in Scotland. I’ll write about that in a future post, but let’s just say a couple encounters were electrifying.

Learn more about the story I created for this dolmen in Daughter of the South Wind e-book or print version.


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