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Today is National Ambrosia Day, and I thought interviewing a character from Daughter of the South Wind would be appropriate. Here’s the transcript from my time with Chrissy, short for Khryseis, the Nymph Goddess of the Golden Clouds of Sunset.

Me: Hello, Chrissy. How do you intend on celebrating National Ambrosia Day?

Chrissy: When I first heard of this holiday, I was like, “Awesome-sauce,” because I thought we’d get some additional rations from Zeus, or, at a minimum, free-flowing nectar like at a god-wedding. But then, I saw what humans consider ambrosia, and I about puked.

Me: That sounds a bit extreme.

Chrissy: Fruit mixed with a fluffy, coconut cream concoction? What a waste of perfectly delicious fruit. The coconut gets all stuck in your teeth. And the more you eat, you still stay sober…just get bloated.

Me: So, you didn’t realize human ambrosia was different from your god ambrosia?

Chrissy: Well, the two do share the same wonderful tropical flavors, I give it that. But, where’s the fun out of it? You don’t get a power rush like with extra-helpings of our ambrosia, and you don’t get drunk like with our nectar which is the sap of the ambrosia tree. All you get is a false sense of eating right. I don’t even want to calculate the amount of calories in the human fluffy stuff. Stands to reason something that looks like a cloud would be bad for you.

Me: And with that, I won’t take any more of your time. I’m sure you’re a busy goddess.

Chrissy: Of course. I’m almost late for my mani-pedi, and then I need to go check on my wind-nieces. For almost two decades I only had to worry about one, but four years ago I agreed to help a sister out and watch over her baby-grandgirl while she studied in the human dimension. It’s exhausting keeping up with two girls in college with all the parties I have to go to in order to stay current on human customs. But, anyways, nice chatting with you.

Me: There we have it, straight from a reliable source…human ambrosia is not the food of the gods.

If you want to find out more about how Chrissy watches over one of her nieces, and the specifics of real ambrosia, read Daughter of the South Wind (print version available here). And, if you’re curious about what happens at a god-wedding, you’ll be able to learn about it once Daughter of the East Wind comes out sometime in 2020.

And, I just might self-publish Chrissy’s story by the summer of 2019…we’ll see how edits go.


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