• Mae-Mae

Socks...the best things ever!

Today is National Sock Day. I love socks, the stinkier, the better. Because I’m adopted, my human doesn’t know where my obsession came from, but she has learned that whenever she takes a sock off, she must toss it high in the air so I can jump to catch it.

I’m really good at that.

Sometimes, she forgets, and drops the first sock on the ground. I rush to grab it and flip it at her to remind her she played the game wrong. Then she throws the other one, making sure to roll it into a ball shape so it flies high.

She’s a good girl.

My human worried about holes, but I show her that I don’t chew on it, and she’s okay with it and even tries to take it away from me which turns into a different game that I like just as much—the chase game.

Today when my human picked up the socks from all the different rooms in the house, she said she must buy more when she goes to the store--thick, warm ones because it’s winter. I got excited, but she said the socks would go to a homeless shelter. My feet do not like the cold cement and frosty grass, and mine are tougher than a human’s, so I’m okay with her giving the socks away.

Maybe there’s a homeless dog who will get to play the sock game with their owner.


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