• KD DuBois

Four Queens

In between reading for my Young Adult and my Fiction Workshop masters courses, I’ve re-attacked a book that intrigued me a decade ago. Whenever I hear something about French and English royalty, or the Provence region of France, my mind always wanders to the subjects of this book.

It’s not fiction but has such far-fetched, real-life storylines that it could be. You see, it’s about four sisters, daughters of the Count of Provence, all born between 1221 and 1229, who each became a Queen. Thirteenth century France, England, Germany, and Sicily were all linked because of them. In Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who Ruled Europe by Nancy Goldstone, you get a glimpse of court intrigue, changing alliances, and how blood can overcome political differences.

Non-fiction and history aren’t for everyone, and as my sister would say, only a geek like me would re-read something like Four Queens. But the writer in me knows there’s a lot of storytelling potential in the facts. As I read through each chapter, all kinds of “what ifs” come to mind as well as “I wonder what…” musings. Oh, the possibilities!

I have plenty on my plate with my current projects and school, but I’m taking my time with this read-through. The margins fill up with notes after each page turn, and I bet before I finish it, I have a few story arcs outlined for future scribblings.


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