• KD DuBois

FREE ebook and Fridges

Yesterday was National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. So, in the spirit of the day, I took an inventory of what’s in mine. Here goes:

I reaaaallly need to monitor the expiration dates on the condiments.

Almost everything in the left side door needs to go in the trash. Except the two tobasco sauces—I don’t think those ever expire.

Unfortunately, the three craft beers in the back on the middle shelf of the main compartment have been there for almost two years. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great, but I just haven’t had the taste for beer. I know, so, so, sad.

On a bright note, I do have some raw vegetables, but significantly lack in proteins (although the pantry does have a lot of beans and tuna). And, in the bottom drawer is all the cheese, and I’m scared to open it because I know there are a few mold and penicillin experiments going on in there.

In the left side door, it appears that although I’ve lost the taste for beer, I’ve made up for it with wine.

All-in-all, not too many things need to get tossed. But, in a way, I’m a bit like Dawn in Daughter of the South Wind whose fridge doesn’t overflow and also contains the proper booze-to-food ratio to maintain a respectable college student reputation. Find out more about her fridge (and what Nino thinks of it) in Daughter of the South Wind, the ebook on sale for FREE today.


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