• KD DuBois

Time for Some Hoops!

I said my piece about voting three posts back, and now that the country is conducting its business at the polls, it’s time to talk about something other than politics—like BASKETBALL!

Today the Kansas Jayhawks start their regular season schedule. Like Dawn in Daughter of the South Wind, I’m a crazy KU basketball fan, and have been since I was a teen. My family had season tickets, and yes, sometimes my parents would sign me out of school so we could make the weekday tip-off times. Once, we even got stuck on the highway in a blizzard on our way home from a game when the state shut down the road for a few hours. I know, crazy.

This year, two things worry me. First, the recruiting scandal which isn’t resolved. I hope it doesn’t mar the season, but once the truth comes out, the right things will get done and hopefully the sport will improve. Even if the worst happens, it won’t change me from being a die-hard Jayhawk fan. You have to stick with your team through all the ups and the downs.

Second, the pre-season #1 ranking. I hate it when my ‘Hawks get a #1 ranking because it means they’re playing to keep it instead of playing to get it. There’s a difference in mentality when rankings come out, and I’d much rather they have none at all. They need to play hungry, not defensive.

Dawn would have understood…you need a goal in front of you, some type of obstacle to overcome so that you keep pushing yourself to succeed. Find out all her goals and obstacles in Daughter of the South Wind.


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